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NDA's Executive Director

Kathleen Brown

Greetings!  I am very honored to have been selected to be NDA's first Executive Director.  My involvement in the dental profession began in 1988, as an entry-level dental assistant in Northern California.  Over the next 12 years, I evolved from the clinical arena to the administrative side of dentistry, including the opportunity to participate in the Practice Administrator's Training Program offered by the Pride Institute.  During that time, I was an office manager in a very busy two-doctor general dental practice in Lake County, California.  Those docs were ADA members, and active in the local component in our area.

In 2000, my family and I relocated to Covington and I have been fortunate to work in endodontics for about 10 years, before returning to general dentistry in 2010.   During my endo phase, I had the opportunity to get involved in Northlake Dental Association, and in 2010 I was offered the position as NDA's Executive Director.    

This is a very exciting time to be part of the dental profession - both in the dental practice setting and with the dental association.  I look forward to continuing to help NDA to be a resource for it's members and the community.